Simple Hacks To Sparkle Your Home

Almost every tiny thing used in the house to meet the daily necessities, will require timely attention to maintain them in a proper condition and to make them look new. To avoid spending on unwanted cleaners and sprays outside, here is a list of simple hacks with little things available at home to sparkle and clean your house.

Stainless Steel Surfaces

The use of polished stainless steel in the kitchen has abundantly increased. Though this a tough alloy with little chance for damage, it tends to lose shine over a period of time. To bring back the shine first clean your sink or cook top surface with water and pat it completely dry in every corner. After you wipe it out completely, sprinkle the thick floor and then buff the surface and the walls with a cloth to bring the sparkle back. Alternatively, polished stainless steel can even be dusted with salt and scraped out with lemon to sparkle it up. Go right here to find out more details about the use of polished stainless steel.

Glass Cookware

The glass cookware which is prominently used in baking tends to have stains or food remnants stuck in some tough corners. The cleaning process of such casseroles or baking pans will be challenging. Try using an aluminium foil to scrape out the particles from the glass cookware along with a solution of dishwashing liquid diluted in water.

Plastic and Wooden Chopping boards

When used regularly, the plastic cutting pads or wooden chopping boards get stained and look dirty with patches. Try using a half cut lemon to scrub the board and let the juice to spread over the stains. Let it rest for half an hour and wash the board off to find it clean without stains in a fresh lemon fragrance. 


Most of the households use silver bowls, plates and glasses in everyday life. This results in blackening of the metal over regular usage. Boil a sufficient quantity of water with baking soda and add a few teaspoons of salt in a vessel lined with aluminium foil. Place the silverware in the pot and close it with a lid and let it rest for a few minutes. Later you can rinse them in water and tap dry to complete the process.

Toilet Cleaners

Instead of using smelly chemicals to clean the commode from filth and bacteria, add a small cup of baking soda along with a few drops of essential oils into the toilet bowl. Add a generous amount of vinegar to bring the fizz and clean it with the toilet brush. The essential oil will leave a fresh fragrance.

Hope these hacks will help you to clean your house with ease and bring back the sparkle.