Signs That Your Company Needs A Better Health And Safety System

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Health and safety at the workplace cannot be overemphasized. While to some people the talk on safety is beginning to sound like a broken record, it is a very important one. There is need for safety to become a way of life instead of empty rules and regulations that employees follow without thinking.

For those who have businesses in which there is a lot of manual work involved, health and safety is very important. Instead of letting employees move heavy goods from one area of the warehouse to another with bare hands, it is wiser to get them to use safety gloves. Some people may argue that their employees have always moved boxes around just with bare hands and they are not complaining. However after you read what follows, you should be convinced of the need to take more health and safety measures.

Health claims

While you may not be getting direct complains from employees about their working standards, the complaints may actually be there albeit masked. The number of workwear that may be coming in could be a clear indication that there is something wrong with the work process. If you do an in depth check, you may find at O’Sullivans Safety most of the employees are adversely affected by the work conditions.

Leave of absence

Employees love to work even if you may argue that it is because they are paid for it. However, salary or no salary employees pride themselves in their work. That is why they may support certain work conditions without complaining. However, there will come a time when they may be fed up with the situation at work and since they cannot complain, they will look for ways to avoid facing such conditions, for some workers, asking for a leave of absence is a way of staying away from the adverse conditions they face in the office. When you start noticing that many people are asking for leave of absence, then you need to take a look at your work environment to check if there is anything that could be the underlying course.

Increase complaints

Workers need to feel safe while they work. When they are not comfortable with their condition of work, they may become wet blankets. The least an employer can do is to provide safe working conditions to enable the employees do their work. When the employees perceive that their work environment is not safe, they may want to complain. However, because they may be afraid of being victimized, they may complain about other things that may have no relation to the actual cause of the problem. Safety dress wears like safety gloves, safety glasses and boots are some of the major requirements in a workplace that should never be ignored.

Increase reworks

When employees are on the assembly line and they are worried of their safety, there is a huge probability of mistakes occurring. Such mistakes may lead to a lot of rework. To avoid these from happening, the employer should endeavor to implement health and safety principles that must be followed.