Portable Eye Wash Kits And Other Different Types You Can Get

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Eye protection is pretty much important. However, there will always be times that we tend to forget that our fingers are not clean and we stick it into our eyes. Well, the eye wash is basically an essential matter, and everyone should know what it really is. When it comes to injuries, eye injuries are far more common than you think. They are pretty much common, whereas The Occupational Safety and Health Administration already requires an eyewash station in any workplace. When you tend to stick your finger into your eye, there’s always a chance that you may do it at work, as well. So, they simply make a good pocket as well as portable size versions for your home, first aid kit and workshop. As a matter of fact, there are three kinds of washes that you should consider.

• Eye Wash Stations- the first one look like a common drinking fountain. Usually, it is stationary and consists of a basin with the water taps. In the workplace, it has to be labeled, readily accessible and attached to any dedicated cold-water source. Some of the businesses also try to get away with merely using a sink as well as disabling the hot water. Such shortcut will not comply with the strict guidelines of OSHA. This is for the reason that it must offer the 0-4 gallon every minute for 15 minutes to provide a nice flush of fluid at about 30 PSI. Thus, there must be no cheating.

• Portable eye wash kits- the portable eye wash kits come in different shapes and sizes, and they are also fed by gravity. It is merely a device containing its own flush of fluid, and the others are also pressurized. Such kits could surely range in size from a large plastic water bottle to a lunch size cooler. It would also hold anywhere from about 16 ounces up to 10 gallons of water. Apparently, the fluid in these kits will have to be replaced after use. The gravity-fed units must provide you about 0.4 gallons every minute. Apart from those, such units come empty and are also filled with water or some sort of saline solution. The saline solution is definitely a better choice. It is being buffered, which means, it has the same PH balance as the human eye. It even contains a preservative to assist the reduction of bacterial growth. When the water sits longer in the container, it will start growing a bacterial. Thus, the saline solution must be replaced every six months. For more information regarding portable eyewash kits, just go to this link http://www.prattsafety.com.au/safety-showers/portable-units/.

• Personal Eye Wash- lastly, these units are usually the single use vials and pretty much easy to use. You just have to twist off the lid of the plastic and squeeze the contents right into your eye. Usually, the vials are small and are easy to transport, which makes them totally ideal for a first aid kit or a camping kit at home. If you already have kids, it would be best for you to buy a few extra. In the workplace, the personal units are also meant to compliment the plumbed as well as the gravity-fed units and doesn’t act as a substitute.

Knowing more about the different types of eye wash, such as personal, station and the portable eye wash kits are essential for you to know which ones you need.