Moving Into A New Home: Here Are 3 Important Things That You Must Do!

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Finding a great place to live in can be a real uphill task, especially in this competitive real estate market where every option may seem equally appealing. Naturally, we are all drawn to elegance, beauty and comfort in a residence, that will give you and your family the opportunity to spend time in the best way possible. If you have successfully purchased such a property and are now looking for ways to make it an even better place to live in, continue reading this article to learn about three great ways in which you can achieve this objective.

An asbestos-free environment

If you’ve never really given much thought about this issue, it’s probably because you don’t know much about it. Asbestos is a hazardous substance which may be present in floor tiles, roof tiles, roof shingles or even cement and while the use of the substance has been banned in Australia, many old houses may still have traces of it. Authorities regularly hold hazardous chemical awareness training to educate and inform homeowners about the dangers of this substance which can cause serious health problems when people are exposed to it for a prolonged period of time. Inquire the sellers or the realtors whether they have performed asbestos air monitoring prior to the sale and be sure to check the paperwork related to the process as soon as possible. If the necessary safety standards are not met by the seller, you are legally obliged to seek compliance or compensation from them.

Get rid of the pests

Pests are a serious problem that can become a concern to any household and these must be kept way from your home at all costs. Once that innocent looking termite makes its way into your property, it won’t take long for its friends to follow and build their own little colony, right under your roof. Just a couple of mice can populate into a dozen or even more in the matter of a few weeks and make your life at home a living hell. If you notice anything lurking about and want to take care it then there, call up an exterminator who will do the needful to make your property a no-fly, crawl or slither zone for all vermin.

Get the locks changed

You and only you must have access to your new home and any other party who gains the privilege must be known to you. However, when getting ready for a sale, most homeowners will hire outside help to get the property in shape for the staging and in the process, the workers will receive keys and access to various parts of the house to perform their jobs. This means the existing locks not the best to have, given the uncertain number of people who may or may not still have access to them. Therefore, change the locks as soon as you move in to avoid any surprises.