Moving Into A New Apartment? Here’s What You Should Know

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So, you’ve made it through the tiring process of finding the perfect apartment, negotiating prices and signing documents. And now you can enjoy moving into your new home. As exciting as the prospect of starting new and decorating your new house is it can end up being quite the hassle when all you want to do is to start settling down and get on with your life. And so, the last thing you’d want is to add in to the long life of chores and obligations that comes with moving. But there are certain things that should not be put off when moving into a new house, especially because if unattended, such problems could end up being all the more troublesome in the future. Therefore, here are some things that need to be smoothed out before you move in, in order to make living easier at your new home:

Check for leaks

Before signing the lease to your new home, your home inspector must have inspected your house to ensure that it was free of leaks and blocked drains Geelong. But just for your peace of mind, you can carry out an inspection yourself for any leaks and blockages. Leaks can be checked using your water meter.

You have to wait for two hours, while making sure that no one uses any water during this period and then check your water meter again after two hours. The meter would read the same amount as before if there are no leaks. However, if it has a different reading, it means that you have a good industrial plumbing leak that needs attending to. 


You may not have to carry out a lot of upgrades or repair if you’re moving into a brand-new apartment, but you might still want to change or upgrade certain things just so you can feel more at home. For instance, you can do a toilet seat swap, so that you can feel like the house really belongs to you, while keeping your mind at ease from fussing over what happened in it with the previous tenants. When moving into an apartment or house that had previous tenants, making small changes like repainting rooms, changing the carpets, curtains and lighting according to your preference can really help you feel like the place truly belongs to you.


Security is something that can easily slip your mind when you’re trying handle a hundred and one things. However, it is crucial that you take necessary precautions against the threat of thieves and burglars before you move in. It will certainly put your mind at ease about the new place and you will have one less thing to worry about. Home security should be one of your main priorities, especially when you’re moving into an unfamiliar neighborhood. You can install a home security system if you’re away from home a lot, as security systems have the capability of allowing you to monitor your home remotely.