Faulty Circuit Breakers: Learn How To Change Them

I will teach you how to work on a sub panel, if you are working on your main panel, i would suggest you to turn off your main breaker on the main. If you don`t feel comfortable doing this, I recommend you hire a professional to do it. You will need an insulated screwdriver, that is insulated all the way up to the tip, you can buy and get electrical designer in Perth them from your local store. Proceed by removing the front panel, pick the breaker you want to remove, turn it off by switching it down, be careful so you don`t touch the power main with your hands.

After you`ve pulled your breaker off, unscrew the wire from it, but make sure it is off first and pull the wire out. Get your new breaker and put the wire in it and screw it tight, try to be neat about your wires. After you`ve connected the wire, put the breaker back on the board and switch it on, it`s as easy as that. Final step is putting the panel back on, be very careful and treat every circuit like it`s live, always, even if you have it off, kind of like if you`re cleaning a gun, always treat it like it`s loaded.

If you want to do all this, first you have to learn how you can diagnose a faulty circuit breaker and if you are not sure what every circuit breaker does, in general, depending on the switchboard manufacturers, you will find on the right side a panel schedule that corresponds with the breaker off to the left. You have to find the circuit breaker which has already been tripped, or it tripped before and you had a issue of resetting it, the priority thing you need to check commercial electrical contractors Perth when you are resetting the circuit breaker is to make sure that you`ve switched off all the devices that is available on circuit, like tv, computer component.

In that case you could have a problem, a short on that circuit or defective breakers cells. You can have defective breaker cells when the switchboard manufacturers use low end materials or wiring, but not always. To make a correct diagnostic, you need to remove the wire of the circuit that is connected with whichever circuit breaker’s the problems related to, and disconnect the wire from the circuit breaker and reset the circuit breaker again.