Different Types Of Protective Coatings For Concrete

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The fact that concrete is one of the most used materials for floors in garages, warehouses and other facilities that experience heavy traffic is enough to tell you that it is a durable material. Nonetheless, even with its durable properties, it still needs a bit of help to make it look good and last longer. That is why many people are now going for protective coating over concrete floors. While concrete floors are good, they can still suffer from wear and tear from extensive use and abuse. As such coatings are used to offer additional protection while assuring increase aesthetics.

As the use of coatings over concrete has become popular and many more people are now comfortable using the, the number of products in the market has simply multiplied. Today it is no longer easy to just go to the shop and choose an epoxy coating for concrete floors off the shelves. Even those now come in different brands and options that vary somewhat. This can be overwhelming for the buyer and some help in buying is in order. Due to the number of products in the market, it may be impossible to talk about all the different types of coating in this article. However, we will do our best to introduce you to the popular ones.

Epoxy coating

These have been used for many years on floors. Today they are increasingly being used in garage floors for their resistance. This type of coating provides for a high gloss finish and hardness as well as resistance to abrasion. In spite of all these benefits, they may be little uncomfortable to use as the traditional ones require long curing times. Also they may easily lose their adhesion where moisture is present and in the presence of ultraviolet light turn to yellow. That is why today manufacturers have introduced epoxies that have better breathability and can work well with UV light. Visit this page to know more regarding polyurethane coating.


Polyaspartics are new to the market of coating but are gaining in popularity fast because they do not take long to set. There are manufacturers who claim that their brand of polyaspartics can be installed in less than a day. Thanks to their fast setting time, they are good for when you want to fast track a process. Compared to epoxy, they have greater impact resistance and can be applied in different temperature conditions. However, they usually come in more expensive than epoxy coatings. These can be used in residential and commercial areas.

Special effects coating

Apart from the other types of coating mentioned above, there are also those that are used to achieve special effects. There are coatings that store energy in the day and reflect this energy as light at night. There are those that are infused with metals that can be used to create patterns on the floor.