Cleanliness And Where It Begins


Being Hygienic is the most important habitual daily routine that everyone, obliges to do as soon as they are out of their beds. It is an important process of a human being, from which it cleanses and refreshes our body from a night’s heavenly slumber or even a tiring day after work. It cools down the internal organs of our body which is unseen. Therefore, being clean and tidy plays a big role in our lives, for if we are not careful with our daily sanitary utilities we may have adverse effects in terms of our health and well-being.

So, where does this all begin? At dawn, once we awaken the first and foremost thing we’d do is, we would definitely enter the bathroom and stare at the mirror, sleepily!


The bathroom, is probably the cleanest place in the entire vicinity of your house. It is the “room” in which most rituals are followed, varying from, brushing the teeth to taking a shower, it has become a place of solitude for some, where we take our few moments of peace from outside disturbances or even, just to recollect ourselves before many start the day. However, bathroom descriptions, are incomplete without, well-maintained bathroom fittings, or more daringly called “tapware supplies.” Faucets are crafted out of raw materials such as; stainless steel, brass, and even sometimes chrome-plated plastics. These raw materials are being turned into liquid state and is later poured into casts of different shapes and sizes once hardened they are being shined and polished to give a rather scintillating effect of the metal used.

Plumbing, has been a term related with the focus of the lavatory for many years, being established ever since the beginning of history from the age of evolution up to date. Still with ongoing rational reasoning, humans continue to develop and construct outlets and valves to suit the different needs, redesigning the full intent of the tapware suppliers and sometimes recreating them with instilled state-of-the-art technology with every improvement for the betterment of the firms, they are employed in.


People renovating and constructing their homes for their personal comfort and security necessarily seek to improvise and keep modernized, with current times; therefore nowadays, most people unintentionally, fall prey to becoming spendthrifts to compete with other classes of society.

The perception in mind, is that in the near future; when we walk into a bathroom will it still be an old traditional place of cleanliness or, would it be another room in the house to admire for all the technical improvisations that man has created out of pure intelligence.