5 Non-Slip Tread Ideas For A Wooden Stairway

There are various non-slip items available in the market for your wood stair tread such as rubber, paint, vinyl, carpet etc. If you use any of these types of items, then your wood stairs would not be dangerous to anyone. Here are some ideas to make your wood stair non-slip.

You can use any of the many types of non slip treads for stairs that are available in online stores too. Choosing the right store will help you get the right products

If you want to make your wood stair non-slip, then you can wrap your entire wood stair with carpet apart from using common non slip treads for stairs. But then you cannot feel the existence of wood in the stairs. There are many types of carpets available in the market that will stick perfectly with the staircases. They are available in variety of colors and textures and it can match any design of your house. This is the advantages of these carpets.

Non-slip carpets are expensive. They may cost about $100 for 15 steps. It is very easy to install the carpets. Just buy the non-slip carpet strips and place it over the stairs. It will save you from many injuries and also your medical bill.

Carpets are stylish but they gather too much dust. If you are not okay without the carpet and have dust allergy then avoid carpets.

You can choose rubber non-slip tread instead of carpets. The main advantage of the rubber non-slip tread is that it is very easy to clean; it is also long lasting and inexpensive. The disadvantage is that it is not so attractive. But it is available in multiple colors. But the choice of colors, beautiful textures and some additional features may hit your pocket.

If rubbers are not sufficient choice, then you can go for colorful non-slip paints. There are various paint colors are available in the market that would match your home décor. This paint also prevents slips and falls. You can paint the color or spray it in the stairs. This is one of the permanent solution available but this change the whole look of your stairs. So make sure you are ready to accept the fact. You can use those paints both indoors and outdoors stairs. Above all these types of paint have the charming look.

If you do not want to waste money on your stairs, then you can go for tapes. This is the most cheap non-slip item available in the market. But these tapes peel up frequently and make a mess.

Vinyl is the other type available non-slip item that has similar qualities as rubber non-slip materials.